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I am assured of skills and competence of specialists working in my clinic.
That is why I guarantee the quality of work!

Marijus Kubilius

Owner of clinic

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About Us

Dental clinic „Dentavita“ – it is time-tested clinic with family history, continued from generation to generation.
Since year 1987 dental clinic „Dentavita“ provides wide spectrum of high quality odontological services. Here you can find real professionals ready to help you, such as dentists, orthopedists, hygiesnists, orthodontist, periodontist, reanimatologist, oral surgeon and doctor anaesthesiologist. According to the needs of our patients, other specialists come from the best clinics of Lithuania.

Clinic's vision

Reliable, high-quality, modern and patient’s needs satisfying dental clinic in Aukštaitija.

Clinic's mission

To provide high-quality dental services based on modern technologies, maintain a respectful relationship between doctor and patient, remain socially responsible clinic.

The purpose of the clinic

To provide high quality services and give maximum attention to the patients.

Our activities are guided by the values of:

  • Orientation to the patient – patient are the most important person in our clinic.
  • Quality orientation – highest level of quality.
  • Flexibility – ability to adjust patients needs.
  • Productivity – we will provide all dental services in one location.
  • Innovation and professionalism – we are constantly learning, exchanging, developing ourselves.
  • Openness – we are transparent, honest, open to each other.

Our values are not just empty words, they reflect the best of what we do.

The quality is guaranteed by many years of experience, wide range of professionals and dental technicians also receptivity to innovation!

Dental care (aid) license 2007-06-18 no 1161.

Choose us because we:

  • Offer you all dental services.
  • Work with modern equipment and technologies.
  • Use a flexible system of prices and discounts
  • Assure that you will be treated by caring dentists.
  • Use super high quality materials corresponding to the international standards.

Clinic’s partners

UAB “Vilnius Center implantological clinic”
Polotsk street 21/Žvirgždyno street 1, Vilnius, Lithuania
Tel./fax. 370 5 276 0725
Tel. No. 370 604 16 118
E-mail: info@vicklinika.lt

JSC “Malidenta”
Klaipėdos street 25-4, Panevėžys
Tel. No. 370 686 41171


Taikos al. 24, Panevėžys
Tel. Fax.: (~45) 46 69 33,
Tel.: +370 610 669 33, +370 663 66 000
E-mail: info@dentavita.lt
www.dentavita.lt www.dentavita.eu